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RAID FREe-Learning

What is FREe-Learning:

It is a unique innovation that makes available to everyone - from non-divers to instructor-trainers - every level of our online academics and quizzes for FREE.


How FREe-Learning Works:

The list of course previews available to YOU is a smart list... it shows every course that you haven't already taken. So, if you are a new RAID tribe member, you have more than 110 free courses to choose from.

Once you have registered, you'll see your personalized list on your homepage. To start reading any course that interests you, simply click on it. There are no restrictions.

Browse the best in the business at your own pace

RAID are the online-learning experts - technology is how we roll - our online learning system was the first fully online system in the industry and remains the market leader. The benefit to you is unlimited access to the best online academics available.

Each course is presented in a series of easy-to-understand, exciting chapters, at the end of each chapter there is a short quiz to gauge your understanding of the basic concepts and rules of diving. When you've completed each quiz, the system retains a record of your answers. This prepares you to go diving with your instructor.

If when working through the quizzes, you get any quiz wrong ten times, the quiz will lock. Please contact your allocated RAID Dive Center to ask for it to be opened again.

FREe-Learning is a concept that can be used at any time or when normal training schedules cannot be completed. This could be due to a seasonal restriction (winter), travel restrictions or temporary financial restrictions.


RAID FREe-Learning is an innovation without limits.
Working with a Dive Centre or Professional

Not only can you participate in the program independently online, but if you allocate a dive center and instructor, you and your instructor (at their discretion) may complete (either in-person or using an audio-visual platform):

  • Quiz reviews·

  • Any relevant instructor-led academic presentations (PowerPoint)·

  • Evaluation of academic presentations·

  • Any relevant dry workshops.

Dive Center and Instructor fees may apply.

When you are ready to finish your training, your instructor will open the complete course so you can achieve certification. Steps to earn full certification

Access to the entire online course (this does not include any fees that the dive center will charge for the training dives) can be purchased through the scuba online store or RAID Freediving online store can be provided by your dive center when you decide to complete your training.


With a passing score you can proceed with practical training elements delivered by an instructor.

To Register: 

General Training Guidelines:

1.) Day listings are estimates; dive listings are minimums, courses may need to run longer to work on skills if necessary, and usually include other dives.
2.) We recommend the student purchase their own wetsuit, mask, and fins before class. However, they are available for rental for an additional fee.  
3.) Boat trips are optional permitting availability for additional fees.  
4.) If time allows, we will do extra dives outside of training for new experiences, no additional charge on our part; however, training takes priority over extra experience dives.


  • Training will be done on a per-day basis for $200/day   ***

  • Group Classes are on a per-student basis with a maximum of 4 students.

*** A typical Private Open Water Course tuition is a $200.00 deposit and $800.00 for the course. this package includes: E-learning materials, rental gear, gas fills, confined and open water dives, on-going instruction and a lifetime of refresher courses in-person (Site fees only) or digitally over Skype (Non-Dive).


(Military, Veteran, Police, Fire, EMS, and University Student discounts available w/ ID) 

Contact us for special pricing on combining courses, recreational courses, or any unlisted courses.

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